Kendriya Scouts guides is the association of scouting and guiding of Uttar Pradesh .Soon it will be the largest association of Scouting and Guiding of the whole of India.

This association is registered under Society registration act 1860 of Uttar Pradesh. it is a non government ,non political and non communal organization. Scouting in India was established in the year of 1909 whereas guiding in India started in1911 but kendriya Scouts and guides has been established in July 2022. The members of this organization have a long experience about scouting and guiding.

Kendriya Scouts Guides (Bharat)

The aim of our association is to Contribute to mental, physical and spiritual development of youth

The National Flag
Germany(WFIS) Flag
Why Scouting
Brief Intro

The National Flag

The National Flag of India has got immense importance. The National Flag of free India was first adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 22 July 1947. It epitomizes its civilization and culture, heritage and freedom.

The Indian National Flag is a tricolor rectangular panel, made up of three rectangular panels of equal width.

The colour of the top panel is saffron and of the bottom panelis green; the middle panel is white. In the centre there is the design of Ashoka Chakra in navy blue colour. Saffron colour denotes courage and sacrifice, white denotes purity, the path of truth to guide our conduct and the green denotes prosperity. Ashoka chakra with 24 spokes in the centre of the panel is the wheel of the law of Dharma; it denotes progress. The size of the flag is in the ratio of 3:2 (three parts long and two parts wide). The National Flag shall be used only on such occasions and in such manner as in accordance with the rules framed by the Government of India.

World Federation of Independent Scouts,Germany(WFIS) Flag

This flag is in the ratio of 3: 2 with the background of green colour. The trident lotus is in the middle the flag. The yellow line whose outer line is dark green and in the middle of the petal lotus as traight line is formed with red colour.

This flag is hoisted only when a program Scouts/Guides from other countries have participated. The following representation depicts the values associated to various parts of the flag.

Why Scouting

1. Time utilization: Scouts guide children learn the utilization of time and its management. Good companionship encourages them to perform good deeds.
2. Character Formation: The scout children inherently build good character.
3. Nobel Citizen of Education: Scouting is an institution for imparting education for being a noble citizen. Scouting is successful in teaching good citizenship as the pride of the nation lies in its good citizens.
4. Service of opportunities: For a scout/guide, service is his/her religion and duty.
5. Good Habits: Learning good habits encourages a scout participate in good works.
6. Credibility: A scout learns to speak the truth and hence emerges as a credible being. He/She doesn’t engage in activities that might cause harm to others. Respecting others is their duty.
7. Health: Engaging in outdoor activities and participating in various fresh air activities develop their physical and mental wellbeing. They learn the importance of a healthy and a fi t body.
8. Talent Development: Scouting takes pride in evolving a scout’s/guides’ hidden talent. This further reforms their future.
9. Pleasantness: Amidst the beautiful bounties of nature, scouts work collectively and complete even the most difficult task.
10. Comprehensive Approach: By establishing contacts with scouts of other nations, scouts learn about various opportunities and expand their knowledge.

Brief Introduction to Scouting

The Scout movement or known as scouting or guiding is a youth oriented educational movement. It has the following characteristics-

• It involves voluntary participation.
• It is a non-political organization.
• It is open to all without any distinction of gender, race, cast.
• It is an education for life.
• It creates active and responsible citizens.
• It manifests a feeling of unison.
• It helps an individual in evolving and growing.
• It desires in making a better world.